Facial Esthetics by Erica Wright

Facial Esthetics offers a variety of simple, non-surgical procedures to improve lines, wrinkles and enhance facial contours and lips. Book a free consultation today at Facial Esthetics private clinic. Erica is a fully qualified medical practitioner with in-depth experience of the latest non-surgical treatments. You are an individual, so your treatment is tailored to you for a natural, rejuvenated look.
Registered General Nurse
Registered General Nurse

Registered nurse since 1992.

Nurse Prescriber (INP)

    Over 20 Years Experience
    Over 20 Years Experience

    In the field of facial aesthetics & advanced injectables.

      Natural Results
      Natural Results

      Lasting natural results.

        Facial Treatments

        Non-surgical facial treatments in Wakefield. Reverse the tell-tale signs of ageing. Treatment for; fine lines, crows feet, frown lines, pronounced nose, mouth lines and tired skin.

        Wrinkle removing injections; referred to as BOTOX®


          Skin hydration & hyaluronic bioremodeling


            World leading hyaluronic facial fillers in Wakefield

              Restylane Skinboosters
              Restylane Skinboosters

              Glowing skin radiance & the correction of facial wrinkles

                Lasting Dermal Fillers & Line Softening Injections in Wakefield

                Juvederm Facial Fillers
                Botox Wakefield
                profhilo treatment in Wakefield
                NMC Registered Nurse
                British Association Of Cosmetic Nurses Member

                Specialists Treatments

                Cutting edge science to treat migraines, excessive sweating and thread veins.

                Migraine Angels Botox For Headaches

                MIGRANE ANGELS

                Migraine Treatment

                Botulinum toxin is believed to inhibit the release of neurotransmitters to the central pain processing systems that generate migraine headaches.

                Sclerotherapy Thread Vein Removal Wakefield


                Thread Vein Removal

                Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment for reducing thread veins. A thread vein removal solution is injected with a very fine
                needle and the blood vessels fade over a course of treatments.

                Hyperhidrosis Excessive Sweating Treatment Wakefield


                Excessive Sweating Treatment

                Are you concerned about excessive underarm sweating? Erica treats overactive eccrine sweat glands with a proven course of injections.


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