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  Botox - the hibernation treatment
Erica Wright   Facial lines are the result of the repeated use
of the facial muscles in a particular manner.
Just as a freshly ironed shirt will become creased
at, for example, the elbow, as a result of bending
the arm, so our facial lines form whenever we
frown, squint or smile. Botox can remedy this.
Some people have a distinct facial habit - grimacing, raising eyebrows,
using one side of the face more than the other - and they will in time see a
set of facial lines appear to reflect this particular habit. This is where Botox
can help - Botox can actually stop these habits.
Lines can be softened and sometimes erased by dermal fillers such as
very effectively. But here the effect is
treated rather than cause. Botox is different in that it is a preventative
treatment. Botox injections are given, usually to the forehead, frown area
or around the eyes which sends the muscle to sleep for 3 or 4
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