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botox Leeds   Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment
for removing thread veins.
Thread veins are
the name for unsightly purple / red superficial
veins which lie under the surface of the skin,
usually on the legs or face.
Thread veins can be caused by sun-damage, hormonal changes, physical
trauma or genetic factors. They can be a problem, especially if they appear on
the face or legs. They may appear as short, unconnected lines the size of a
hair, or they may resemble spider's webs, or have 'branches'. They may also
cause occasional pain, ranging from a dull throbbing to a burning sensation.
The treatment
A course of sclerotherapy sessions can drastically reduce the appearance of
treated thread veins by 50 to 80%. A solution is injected with a very fine
needle and the blood vessels fade over a course of treatments. Larger blood
vessels may need more than one treatment.
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