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  Thermaderm Skin Renewal System
Botox Leeds   The Thermaderm Skin Renewal System and
LA Peel and restore youthful looking skin by
correcting factors that lead to an ageing
appearance. The 4 step Skin Renewal System
dramatically reduces healing time, when used
before and after the peel.
    Thermaderm cleansing wash
Botox Leeds The first step of the THERADERM Skin Renewal
System is cleansing. The specially designed cleansing
wash is a soap-free, mild foaming gel. It loosens
skin oils, deposits, cellular debris, and even residues
from makeup removers to allow thorough, gentle
cleansing without drying.

Because the pH is almost neutral, it is particularly
useful for sensitive skin or laser/peel irritated skin.
The superior cleansing action allows the Thermaderm
Fruit Acid Exfoliant and subsequent products to
absorb more easily into the skin, producing optimal
    Thermaderm fruit acid exfoliant
Botox Leeds The second step of the THERADERM SKIN
RENEWAL SYSTEM is the Fruit Acid Exfoliant. This
gentle, natural (occurs in every cell in the body) acid
allows the outer layers of dry dead skin cells
to release and shed over a few days without flaking.

The release of old, dry skin cells stimulates new cell
growth in the skin basal layers. These new cells are
more round, elastic (pliable), healthy, and youthful.
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